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The exponential growth of technology has led to an information explosion, bombarding us with a flood of data that can be difficult to navigate and comprehend.
We simplify it for you.

Business & Individual
Tax Filing

Save time and money by letting us handle the complexity of taxes and ensure accurate & timely filing to multiple tax agencies.

  • Maximize deductions and avoid costly penalties
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Tax Filing
  • Consolidate forms
  • Year-round tax saving strategies that your business can legally implement

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Monthly Bookkeeping
+ Accounting

Daily process of recording, classifying, and organizing financial transactions to produce accurate financial statements and reports.

  • Integration to Quickbooks software
  • Quarterly financial statements
  • View important accounting metrics
  • Monitor business health with SentryScore

How it works:
1.Call Onboarding – discovery call
2.Connect – link financial accounts to Quickbooks software
3.Record – Record, organize, and reconcile transactions
4.Reporting – end of month reporting

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Automated Payroll

Reduce stress by taking the burden of payroll processing off your shoulders, ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time. Involves calculating employee wages, withholding taxes, and other deductions, then issuing paychecks or direct deposits on a regular schedule.

How it works:
1.Gathering employee information
2.Calculating employee gross pay
3.Deductions & withholding taxes
4.Issuing paychecks or direct deposit
5.Filing tax forms for reported wages and taxes withheld from paycheck
6.Recording and reconciling in the accounting software

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Accounts Payable/Bill Pay

Manage the payment process to your suppliers and ensure that invoices are paid accurately and on time.

How it works:
1.Electronic Invoicing: Invoices received electronically to a dedicated email
2.Recording invoices: Recorded in the accounting software
3.Owner Approval: Business owner approves for payment
4.Processing: Sending payment via check, electronic funds transfer, or using a credit card.

Business Entity Filing

Formal process of submitting legal paperwork to the government to create or update a business entity. It is required for businesses to operate legally and offers protection from personal liability.

  • Tax benefits – different business entities have different tax structures, choosing the right one can help you save money on taxes
  • Liability Protection – limit your personal liability for the business’s debts and legal issues
  • Credibility – Incorporating or forming an LLC can make your business appear more established and trustworthy to customers, suppliers, and investors.
  • Transferability – Depending on the type of business entity you choose, it may be easier to transfer ownership or sell the business in the future

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